It’s no mystery that you want people to want your food, and there’s no better way to pique their interest than with the professional food photography of Bill Milne. Bill has traveled the globe capturing food at its best, and he’s developed an unrivaled sense of what makes food look great. Book a custom photo shoot or browse our massive library of thousands of food images, free to use in any of the work we do for you.

Custom Photography

Want potential customers to see what’s special about your food? Two of the biggest factors that set CCS Creative apart from other marketing firms are our experience in the food industry and the fact that our creative director is known around the globe as one of the best food photographers around. Your food will never look better than it does through Bill’s lens. His experience and incredible attention to detail allow him to produce stunning images that will let your food sell itself.

Custom Photography & Video Package

Our team of supreme image makers will come to your location and shoot 25 high-res photographs along with a 30-sec documentary-style HD video for use in all your marketing stuff. 5500 one-time fee.

Exclusive Image Library

If custom photography isn’t an option for you due to time or budgetary constraints, CCS Creative offers an extensive photo library of thousands of Bill’s stunning food photos. Browse the library and select the images that you’d like to use in your marketing materials. All the images in our photo library are free to use in any of the work we do together, but can ONLY be used in work we’re doing together.

Browse Our Photo Library