Email marketing is an incredibly useful tool for promoting your brand and reaching out to potential customers. CCS Creative can help you build your list of contacts and keep interested customers informed of your offerings with professionally designed HTML emails that fit your brand and look beautiful. Boost your sales by keeping your contacts informed of new products, special promotions, upcoming events, and more.

What’s it cost?

The cost of email marketing varies based on your needs and whether you’re interested in ongoing email marketing and list-building services. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll work out a customized email marketing plan that fits your business.

CCS Creative Email Marketing

Social Media

Interacting with your customers on social media is a great way to keep them engaged with your brand, but it can be time consuming and difficult to maintain your accounts and generate new content. Having CCS maintain your accounts for you means there will always be new content on your social media pages for your customers. We follow online trends and keep your brand in the conversation. We know how to attract followers, and more importantly, how to get them into your store.

With CCS Creative taking care of your social media, you get professionally designed promotional images, regular posts and updates, contests, and an active community of past and potential customers engaging with your brand.

What’s it cost?

For 1000.00 a month, your brand gets an online voice that will get your name and products out to potential customers and social media influencers.

CCS Creative Social Media

Direct Mail

Reach potential customers in your area and promote local brand awareness with a direct mail marketing campaign from CCS Creative. CCS helps you determine the best neighbourhoods to reach your target audience and increase your sales, and designs gorgeous menus and flyers to grab their attention.

Your menu or flyer is mailed directly through Canada Post or USPS, bringing your brand into the homes of potential customers. There’s no better way to reach local consumers and show them what you have to offer.

What’s it cost?

Pricing depends on Canada Post and USPS rates.

CCS Creative Direct Mail Marketing


At CCS Creative, we’re all about the big picture. We love creating individual marketing materials for our clients, but what we love even more is making those materials a part of something bigger. We work with our clients to formulate an overall marketing strategy, built around the unique voice of their brand, that determines both the types of marketing materials used and the style and tone of those materials.

With a custom marketing strategy designed by CCS Creative, your marketing materials all drive toward the same goal, maximizing their impact, and they reach the audience best suited to your brand.

What’s it cost?

This service is different for everyone. Just give us a call to discuss your needs and how we can help you market your brand.

CCS Creative Marketing Strategy